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Vacation Worries

Vacation season is here! Many people wonder what to do with their water feature while vacationing. Worry no more because at Action we have all the answers!

If any of you pond and water garden owners are setting off on an adventure for more than a week and are worrying about how to treat your water, have no fear we have the perfect option for you. The Automatic Dosing System is here to save the day. This system can be used on most ponds, Aqua Basins, fountains, and waterfalls. The best part is that installation is quick and easy.  All you have to do is install the system, choose and set the treatment you want, and then forget about it. It’s that easy! All treatments come in pouches that attach to the dosing system. The system has a hose that you put into the filter unit so the treatment is evenly distributed throughout the pond. The treatment pouch is designed to compress as it is being used so you know when it is out and need to refill it. The Automatic Dosing System has an easy to use dial on the top of the system.  This allows you to program it according to how many gallons of water you have in your water feature. There are many different types of treatments to maintain your pond. The solutions will help you achieve optimum water clarity and water quality, protect and reduce fish loss, and clean pond sludge. If you have a fountain the treatments are used to keep fountains looking clean, clear, and free of debris. For those of you that are forgetful, the automatic dosing system is also a good option to keep up on pond maintenance.

We’ve gotten pond maintenance out of the way, but what about those fish that some of you have? Some will worry about their fish while they leave on vacation. Some are worried about predators that lurk, where as others will worry about their fish going hungry. Worry no more because we have solutions for both. If you’re worried about predators nabbing your fish, such as herons or fisher cats, then we have a great solution. Here at Action Water Gardens we sell the scare-crow which is an automatic water system that picks up any type of motion lurking around your pond. Once it senses anything within a 1200 square foot radius, it will shoot a burst of water towards that object. This makes the scare-crow a perfect tool for protecting your fish while you are away whether it is for work or vacation.

Believe it or not - your fish don’t have to be fed every day! In fact, they can go quite a while without being fed because all the yummy stuff stuck to the rocks in your pond is nutritious not just for plants but for those finned friends of yours, too! Goldfish will also help themselves to any bugs that might have fallen in the water or are just in the pond itself. As for Koi, they are huge bottom sifters. They will clean off the bits of gravel at the bottom of the pond and shockingly, there probably is still a bunch of uneaten fish food down there that didn’t get sucked into the filter. If you really are worried though, feel free to find a pet sitter, neighbor, family member, or friend to stop by every so often to say hello and feed the little guys.  Whatever you do, do not over feed the fish before you leave to make up for you not being there. This will only cause water quality issues, as the food can get caught in the filter or cause more fish waste. Fish waste is something that you do not want to come home to after a relaxing time away.

If after all of these options you still worry about your water feature and/or fish, don’t hesitate to give us a call here at Action. We’d be happy to help and maintain everything for you!

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A Message from Mark Sousa (A.K.A. Doctor Pond), owner of Action Water Gardens in Tolland, CT

You may ask yourself, "Why choose Action Water Gardens?". The answer is simple. Customer service. As the owner, I am the business. I've been in the landscape and water gardens business for over 15 years. I strive to be knowledgeable about the products and services that we offer and I provide one-on-one consultation on the issues you are facing, whether you are installing for the first time or simply maintaining your current garden or waterfall. See what our customers have to say.

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