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Fish Friendly Guide to Koi Fish

Koi fish are part of the carp species, Cyprinus carpio.  They originate in parts of Eastern Asia and China, and not in Japan, as it is popularly believed.  They are very similar to goldfish and are bred similarly to them.  They are grown mostly for decorative purposes and first gained popularity with Japanese rice farmers.  They are now very popular all over the world and they are a great addition to brighten up and add life to your pond!  Koi add an extra element of relaxation and tranquility, and they are a great way to bring new layers of nature to your outdoor water garden.


Koi fish first came about approximately 2,500 years ago in their black form.  They were then known as Magoi, meaning "black koi".  They were well known for their nutritious benefits and  were kept in rice paddies for food purposes during the wintertime.  They were often maintained in ponds to make them easier to farm.  They were also commonly used for ornamental reasons.  After about 700 years, the colorful variations of the koi fish we see today emerged.


Koi fish come in many different colors, scales, patterns and grades.  They are most commonly black, blue, white, yellow, red and cream.  They also come in combinations of these colors.  Many koi also have very intricate and detailed scale patterns.  Nowadays, many hybrid varieties of koi fish are also being developed as well.

Types and Grades

There are three popular levels of koi fish; Decorative, Select and Premium.  These grades are judged based on what pure lines of Koi are supposed to look like according to standards for variety and classification.  You should choose grades based on your budget and taste.  Koi do not start off in life looking as like what they end up as.  Koi will develop their color and patterns over time and life of the fish.

Decorative Grade Koi

Decorative Grade Koi are an excellent addition to any backyard pond.  Decorative koi have manyh random patterns and color varieties which make them a beautiful addition to your pond's water.  They come in a variety of lengths and you can buy them in varying quantities.  These fish tend to be less expensive because their colors are common and less cold than other grades.

Select Grade Koi

Our Select Grade Koi are our most popular sellers, and overall probably the best overall fish for the money.  Select koi and select butterfly koi have the great color patterns, excellent body conformation and brighter colors than decorative.  These are vibrand and shiny fish with more detailed coloring.  If you just want some very pretty fish that really stand out then this is the grade to consider.

Premium Grade Koi

These are the most vibrant, brightest colored grade of koi.  These are thehighest quality and are usually used for showcasing.  Our premium koi are ornate and ddifferent from your select and decorative koi - their coloring and patterns rae rare making them mesmerizing.  If you are looking to wowo your company and show off your fish, this breed is for you.

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